(LED Certified Site)

  • 160 acres

  • Property is accessible from Tom Watson Road

  • Industrial Zoning

  • Located within the city limits of Lake Charles, Louisiana, in Calcasieu Parish

  • Electricity provider is Entergy, existing line (13.2kv)

  • Natural gas provided by CenterPoint Energy, 2” line exists 2,955 feet from site

  • Telecom provider is Sudden Link, Fiber Optic, T-1 and T-3 exists 2,950 feet from site

  • Potable water provider is Calcasieu Parish, a water main exists 3,580 feet from site

  • Sewer service does not exist; wastewater treatment plant proposed

  • Topography: Low point 11’ and high point 16’, BFE is 16 and FFE is 1 foot above BFE